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Travel Guide: St. Joseph, MI

St. Joseph is a little town in the West side of Michigan about 30 miles North of the Indiana border. It feels only natural that after 4 years of living…

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What I Packed for a Quick Trip to Satellite Beach -

What I Packed for a Quick Trip to Satellite Beach

Two days after I got back from New York City, I had to hop a plane to Florida to go see my brother and sister-in-law for her baby shower. We landed back in Dallas on Wednesday and I had to…

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What I packed for NYC in March -

What I packed for NYC in March

I want to start by saying that New York City was an amazing vacation. I had such a blast exploring the city and going out with all our friends who went with us. That being said, I've been super hesitant…

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Good Travel Habits -

Good Travel Habits

The hubby and I have a trip to NYC planned in a little over a month and I could not be more excited! I've only ever been to NYC once and it was only for a day and I was…

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Margarita Mile - Dallas, TX -

Margarita Mile – Dallas, TX

*This is not a full list of all the restaurants on the Margarita Mile, yet. The post will be updated as I visit and try all the delicious margaritas, tacos, and food that they have.* While my sister's and mom…

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A Day at Magnolia Silos -

A Day at Magnolia Silos

Since moving to Fort Worth just a few months ago, planning a trip to the Magnolia Silos has become a top destination spot on my ever-growing list. I started planning when I wanted to go based on the best time…

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My Best Travel Tips -

My Best Travel Tips

I have been traveling a lot lately. With all the flying back and forth to Dallas to job interview with the hubby, then come down a few times to look at houses. Oh, and there was a Vegas trip in…

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Must-Have Travel Items -

Must-Have Travel Items

I've been doing a lot of traveling in the last 8 months and it's finally starting to slow down. It's been a crazy season with all the vacation trips last year, traveling for interviews, and then all the traveling to…

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24 Hours in Chicago -

24 Hours in Chicago

I've lived about 2 hours away from Chicago for the past 6 years. In all the time, the hubby and I have actually never spent a full day and night there. We've been there a ton and taken the kids…

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What I Packed for Dallas in January -

What I Packed for Dallas in January

It's been a little over a month since we went to Dallas to do some house shopping and so I figured it was time to share everything that I packed for our trip. The hubby and I had actually visited…

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How to Stay Fit While Traveling -

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

It seems only fitting, with all the traveling I've been doing lately for the hubby to find a new job and us a new house, that I would write a post on how to stay fit while traveling. Years ago…

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What to Pack for a Napa Girls Getaway -

What to Pack for a Napa Girls Getaway

It's been about 2 weeks since I've been back from Napa and so I thought I would put together a little blog post on what to pack for a Napa girls getaway. Even though I had never been to California,…

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Trip Recap: Napa -

Trip Recap: Napa, CA

Visiting Napa has been on my bucket list for quite a while and I finally had the chance just a couple weeks ago. It's still surreal to think that I was just in Napa eating and drinking my way through…

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Creamy Garlic Dressing

Creamy Garlic Dressing

Out With Friends

Out With Friends

Spring Wardrobe Essentials -
Spring Wardrobe Essentials


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