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A Day at Magnolia Silos

Since moving to Fort Worth just a few months ago, planning a trip to the Magnolia Silos has become a top destination spot on my ever-growing list. I started planning when I wanted to go based on the best time…

A Day at Magnolia Silos -
A Day at Magnolia Silos -

Waco, TX

Since moving to Fort Worth just a few months ago, planning a trip to the Magnolia Silos has become a top destination spot on my ever-growing list. I started planning when I wanted to go based on the best time of the year (read: not too hot) and day of the week that it wasn’t that busy.

Well, all that planning when out the window when my sister, SIL, cousin, and mom decided to make a girls trip here and also wanted to go to The Silos. Of course I’m not going to say “no, it’s too hot or too busy or whatever” when they come. We just go!

I did want to try and go on a day that wasn’t super crowded and since they were visiting for a long weekend, we decided to go on a Friday. Waco is only 1.5 hours south of me so it would be the perfect day trip. We could go and spend the day, visit the Silos and eat at the Magnolia Table, then head home later in the afternoon or evening.

The hubby was also super amazing and stayed behind to watch the kiddos so we could have a girls only day.

That Friday morning, our cousin was just getting into town so my sister and I got ready, picked her up from the airport, dropped her bags at the house, grabbed mom and SIL, and we were off.

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Visiting The Silos

601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706


Once we got to the Silos we realized that they were doing construction on their new coffee shop that they are opening soon. Some of the streets and free parking areas were closed because of that but normally they have a free parking lot next to the Silos.

However, there is also a bunch of free street parking all around and also other lots a little further out and they have a trolley that will take you there and back.

We got lucky and found some street parking right next to the Silos. Score.

When you walk into the main gates of the Silos, don’t forget to grab a photo at the #milestomagnolia sign. It’s super cute and made for a photo opp.

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Magnolia Market

First stop of the day was to check out all the beautiful goodies at the Market. The shop is huge and has so many different things in there for everyone. The girls and I all picked out matching mugs to remember the trip with and then of course we all bought a ton of other things from there. You could really spend a few hours just wandering around and admiring all the beautiful things they have in there.

There are actually two different areas of the Market. The top level you get into from the main entrance gates and it’s the section that is beautifully decorated every season. It’s also air conditioned.

The second section is downstairs in the old grain barn and is not air conditioned so it gets hot in there. They do have industrial fans to keep the air moving but it’s still a little stuffy. However, if you go in another month that is not in the middle of summer then you’re golden. Haha!

Also, if you’re planning on doing any kind of shopping, you’ll need a big car to take all of your purchases home with. If you’re flying in, there is a FedEx station on the property so you can have your purchases packaged up and shipped to your home.

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Lawn at The Silos

After checking out all the amazing things in the Market, head on out the The Lawn and relax for a bit. Grab a bean bag chair and sit in the sun or grab a picnic table under the shade.

The lawn is just a large green space in front of the actual Silos. They have some yard games placed around and also plenty of seating if you’d rather just sit and people watch.

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Silo Food Trucks

I’m sure by this time you’re a little hungry and not to worry, they have a line of food trucks on the property that you can pick and choose from. They even have a Magnolia Table food truck so you can sample some of the delicious food from there without having to wait in their ungodly long line.

We didn’t eat at the food trucks because we had our name on the list at Magnolia Table but I do recommend grabbing a sweet tea from The Alabama Sweet Tea Company. I got the half and half because as much as I love sweet tea, I wasn’t in the mood for too sweet. They also have an unsweetened option if that’s what you prefer. Plus, you’ll get a sweet souvenir mug to take home with you.

Next time I go back I’ll be sure to check out some of the food trucks and update here with some other recommendations.

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Magnolia Seed + Supply

After grabbing a drink and quick bite from the food trucks, you can wander over to the far corner of the grounds and visit the Seed + Supply store. It’s a cute little store that has a few other goodies inside and a beautiful garden out front.

It is small so it gets crowded in there quick but it is air conditioned so you can get a little break from the Texas heat if it’s the middle of summer.

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Silos Baking Co.

Last stop on the way out after visiting it all is the bakery! The bakery line gets long ya’ll so I recommend watching it during your visit and getting in line when it’s shorter. They do have a very efficient system in place for ordering, paying, and picking up your delicious treats so even if the line is long, no worries, it moves pretty fast.

Grab a card while you’re in line and check off the cupcakes and treats that you want before getting to the cashier. Once you’re in, just hand them the card and any other goodies you pick up from the shelves inside then pay. Walk to the other side of the counter and within 2-3 minutes they’ll call your name with your goodies.

The whole experience felt like waiting in line at an amusement park with all the zig-zag ropes to corral guests. Thankfully, the outdoor line is covered so you don’t have to stand in the blazing sun.

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Magnolia Table

2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76706

This was actually the first stop on our trip because Magnolia Table is located right off the interstate. Like if they weren’t so busy it would be a great little stop-off for a quick bite when you’re passing through.

We got there around 10am and were told that there was a 2.5 hour wait. Like, what?!?

We put our name on the list anyway and they tell you a window of 30 minutes when you should come back to check on your table. We decided that while we were waiting we would head over to the Silos since it they were only a couple blocks away but you could wait at the restaurant if you wanted.

There is a nice covered outdoor waiting area to sit and relax while you wait. You could also head over to the little coffee shop connected to it that’s around the corner and grab a little treat and cup of coffee while you wait. Or if you don’t want to wait at all, they have a Take-Away area that you can get food at also.

I definitely liked that they gave us a window of time that we could return and our table would be ready. It gave us options on what we wanted to do without being stuck at the restaurant. And, like I said, we decided to drive over to the Silos while we were waiting. It definitely passes the time sooner to shop instead of just sit there. We just set a timer on our phone to tell us to head back to the restaurant so we didn’t miss our window.

Anyway, once we did get a table and seat the food was amazing. The menu is small and has breakfast and lunch options on it that are served all the time while they are open – which is only until 3pm.

We all ordered something different so we could eat off each other’s plates and try a little of everything. My favorite thing was the homemade tots and their fresh lemonade – which you get to keep the glass also. I ordered the Chip burger, my SIL ordered the breakfast sandwich, and my cousin ordered some French toast.

I highly recommend heading here if you’re going to be visiting the Silos. Yes, the wait is long but the food is absolutely worth it. I definitely plan on heading back again.

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Once their new coffee shop is done being built, I plan on making a return trip to check it out. So I’ll definitely update this post when that happens.

I also really want to do a little more exploring of Waco and check out some of the antique shops that are around town. I mean, now that I have this house to decorate it’s the perfect place to do that, amiright?!?

Have you been to the Silos? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!

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