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Packing List: Satellite Beach, FL

Two days after I got back from New York City, I had to hop a plane to Florida to go see my brother and sister-in-law for her baby shower. We…

What I Packed for a Quick Trip to Satellite Beach -

Two days after I got back from New York City, I had to hop a plane to Florida to go see my brother and sister-in-law for her baby shower.

We landed back in Dallas on Wednesday and I had to leave Friday to go to Satellite Beach. Honestly, when I was packing for the trip, I kept going back and forth about wanting to go. COVID had just started to get bad and they were thinking about limiting travel in the US and also issuing stay-at-home orders.

This is my brother’s first baby and I promised them I would be there, so I ultimately decided to go. It was only going to be for 2 days and I would be home on Sunday. I also promised my hubby that I would wear a mask while out and on the plane.

Which I absolutely did and got a ton of weird looks for because I was the only one wearing one. Looking back, however, I’m super glad I did though especially now seeing what the world is going through and currently being under a stay-at-home order in Texas.

What I Packed For A Quick Trip To Satellite Beach

So like I said, this was a super quick trip. Again, I didn’t want to pack too much and wanted as little as possible. I fit everything into one bag!

Of course I had my purse but everything else was just in one bag. Here’s what I packed for a quick trip to Satellite Beach.

Friday: Travel Day

I left Dallas super early in the morning so that I could maximize my time with my family while I was there. Because of that, I went super comfy on the plane ride – leggings, tank, and cardigan. I always get cold on planes so I usually always have a cardigan on or pack on in my bag.

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Friday: Landed

After I landed, my Aunt and Uncle picked me up from the airport. We went to lunch and I changed into shorts for the rest of the day. Kept the same tank but also changed out my sneaks for sandals. Hey, this is Florida and it’s hot and humid!


Saturday: Baby Shower!

Today was the baby shower and I wanted to dress in something decently cute but also flowy and cool for these hot Florida days. Leopard skirt and tee from Target for the win! Then, of course, sandals!

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Saturday: After Shower

When the shower was over we were just hanging out at the house with my brother, sister, Aunt, Uncle, and sister-in-law. I, however, wanted to be more comfortable so I just threw on the same shorts from yesterday with the same white tee I was wearing to the shower.


Sunday: Heading Home

Before I had to head to the airport, my brother took us out on his boat for a few hours. I specifically purchased a late ticket so we could have some time on the boat together. Then after that I went back to the house, showered, and off to the airport. I flew home in basically the same thing I traveled there in – swap the tank since I already wore it twice – and call it good!

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There you have it! My list of everything I packed for the super quick trip to Satellite Beach. I’m so glad I was able to take this time to spend with family and am so excited to meet my new baby niece!

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