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Dating a Medical Student
Dating a Medical Student

I found this article online a couple days ago. While I was reading it, all I kept thinking was, “This is SO true!” and I couldn’t help but laugh. I…

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Experiences to Gift this Season -

Experiences to Gift this Season

Tis the season for Christmas lists, shopping ads, and all the in-store deals and online holiday sales. I'm always overwhelmed this time of year with the amount of gifts available to give to everyone on my lists. Christmastime in our…

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Pros and Cons of Being a Work From Home Mom -

Pros and Cons of Being a Work From Home Mom

I've been a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom for about 8 years now. When we moved to South Carolina from Arizona for the last 3 years of medical school, I was unable to find a job working in Nuclear Medicine. The town…

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Moving to a New City and Making New Friends -

Moving to a New City and Making New Friends

As most of you know, I was raised in the sunshine state - better known as Florida. I was actually born in Michigan but I moved to Florida when I was 3 so I don't remember anything about it. I've…

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Things I do at the Beginning of the Month -

Things I do at the Beginning of the Month

Over the years, I've turned into more of a creature of habit. When I started working at home about 10 years ago I realized that I needed a daily routine. When I first started without one, I found myself being…

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Best Friend Day -

Fun Ways to Celebrate Best Friend Day

As you go through life, people come and go. Some people stay forever and others last only a few months. I know there are people that make and keep friends forever, and some since elementary school, but that is not…

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Postpartum C-Section Essentials -

Postpartum C-Section Essentials

Well, here we are… officially 10 days postpartum on my fourth and final c-section. Yes, all of my babies have been brought into this world via c-section. The first delivery was an emergency and the rest were elective because I…

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What's In My Hospital Bag -

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

We are t-minus 18 days until d-day! I cannot wait to get this baby out, starting to love on the new addition, and am so ready to start getting my pre-preggo body back. Until then, I decided it would be…

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How to Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits -

How to Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits

Raising kids is incredibly rewarding but also incredibly challenging. We want our kids to grow up leading healthy, fulfilling, fun, enriching lives but teaching kids these things can be difficult. As parents, kids learn by seeing us making healthy choices…

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First Snow Day! -

First Snow Day!

We're having our first official SNOW DAY today! And my daughter could not be more excited... she gets to stay home from school! That is what it looked like at 7:15 this morning when I woke up to get her…

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Looks like Fall! -

Looks like Fall!

It's FINALLY starting to look like fall! Despite it being in the 40-50's here already and feeling like fall... it's starting to look like it! The leaves are starting to change colors and I could not be more excited! It…

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Apple Pickin -

Apple Pickin’

It's honey crisp apple season! My absolute favorite type of apple! I went to the store to try and pick some up and they were $3.99 a pound! Seriously?!? So... since I live in Michigan now, I decided to look…

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Tech-Free Sunday -

Tech-Free Sunday

Tomorrow, and all Sunday's hereafter, I'm declaring "Tech-Free Sunday." My family is the most important thing in the world to me and with all the gadgets now days to keep in touch with everyone, it's hard to just step away…

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Spicy Pork & Rice Noodles

Spicy Pork & Rice Noodles

Signs You Need a Vacation -

Signs You Need a Vacation

Blood Orange Amaretto Sour
Blood Orange Amaretto Sour


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