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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

It seems only fitting, with all the traveling I've been doing lately for the hubby to find a new job and us a new house, that I would write a post on how to stay fit while traveling. Years ago…

How to Stay Fit While Traveling -
How to Stay Fit While Traveling -

It seems only fitting, with all the traveling I’ve been doing lately for the hubby to find a new job and us a new house, that I would write a post on how to stay fit while traveling.

Years ago when I would travel, my health and fitness routine would just go out the window. I always thought that I’d just get back on track when I get home. Sometimes that actually happened but most of the time it did not. I found it was much harder to get back on track afterwards when I completely let myself slip off the wagon.

Plus, when you go on vacation you want to “live it up” and cut loose and not have to worry about all the added grease and carbs and that extra drink or two.

How To Stay Fit While Traveling

After many regretted false starts, I realized it was just easier to try and [somewhat] keep up with my everyday routine so that it wasn’t so difficult to get back to later.

I’d rather not have to come home from my vacation feeling like I needed another vacation because I felt so crummy after. The only time I want to feel like I want another vacation after the fact is because I just don’t want to come home… haha.

Anyway, here’s a few rules that I try and abide by while on vacation so I can still feel like I’m completely enjoying myself but also not like I’m just treating my body like crap the whole time.

Stream Your Workouts

Not all hotels have gyms, or better yet, not all hotels have good gyms. Most of the hotels I have ever been in usually just have a couple treadmills in the corner with a wall of mirrors. While that is a good start, it’s also not very appealing to do first thing in the morning. Or if you just hate cardio like me and you would rather be doing anything other than running on a treadmill.

For years I have been using the Beachbody on Demand streaming service but there are also hundreds of fitness apps and services out there that you can use. I love that I can pick any one of the over 400 workout programs they have and do it in the comfort of my hotel room before heading out for the day.

When I go on vacation, I’ll also pack a resistance band along with my workout clothes so I don’t just have to stick to cardio routines. I’ll usually stick to the program I’m currently doing or if I’m not in the middle of a certain program, I’ll just pick something that suits my mood for the day.

Streaming your workouts lets you have them anywhere and everywhere so you can take it to the hotel gym, or just do it in your room. Or take it to the hotel pool in the morning and do some yoga outside… whatever suits your fancy.

Use the Hotel Gym

If streaming your workouts isn’t your thing and you just have to be in the gym, no matter what kind it is, then do that. Head to the hotel gym and see what they have… if it’s just a treadmill then go for a 30 minute jog or run (or walk). If they have more than that then you can do a quick routine with some weights and a little cardio.

If you have a regular gym routine, stick to it. Like I said before, it’s easier to keep your healthy habit going while away than it is to get back on the wagon when you get back.

Explore on Foot

Exploring a new city by foot is a great way to see and experience it. Whenever I’m on vacation, I try and get to as many places as I can by walking. If it’s more than 2 or so miles away then I’ll grab an Uber or cab.               

Take the Stairs

One of the easiest things to do to stay fit while traveling is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Of course if you have a billion stairs to climb or your schlepping luggage then take the elevator. But whenever it’s possible, take the stairs.

And of course, skip the escalators (and the like) and take the stairs right next to it. It takes the same amount of time but you’ll burn more calories.

Rent a Bike

Most major cities now have hourly and daily bike rental and you can pick them up and drop them off just about anywhere. Use the bike to explore the city so you can see more of it. Just ride around town and explore more of the local or hidden places that you might not get to see if you’re always in a car or walking.

When it’s dinnertime and the restaurant you want is a little too far to walk, rent the bike instead. Do that on the way back as well and you’ll be burning off those dinner calories in no time!

Maintain ONE Healthy Habit

If you don’t feel like you can do it all, then don’t. Just pick one thing you know you can stick to and so that the whole trip. Go to the gym everyday if you need to. Instead of indulging and throwing your diet to the wind, stick to your healthy eating the whole time.

If you don’t want to do any of the gym or healthy eating, then walk more often and take the stairs. If you always need to be in bed by 10pm, then stick to it. Whichever is easier for you to maintain while you’re away just do it.

Make a promise to yourself to keep one good thing going and follow through on that commitment. No need to beat yourself up for not 100% sticking to your healthy eating and fitness routine.

I can tell you that I do not 100% stick to mine while away and I don’t beat myself up over it either… no one is perfect and everyone has off days. Just do what works for you and enjoy your vacation or time away.

Slow Down

Remember, you’re on vacation. Slow down and enjoy it. Put your phone away and stop scrolling FB or Insta and lusting over everyone else’s beautiful photos and create your own.

Slow down eating (weather it’s healthy or not) and just enjoy the food and company around you. You don’t need to eat, do, or see it all, all of the time. Be present in the current moment and just enjoy your time off and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Do some research and book a trip that excites you and also makes you a little nervous. These are the ones that you will remember for the rest of your life. Pick something that is adventurous and a little outside your comfort zone.

As a bonus, usually these are the trips you will come home looking and feeling exhilarated, recharged, and inspired than when you left home.

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