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How I Setup My Workweek for Success

I've been a work-from-home mom for almost 12 years now. Wow, that's actually kind of crazy to say! Over those 12 years, my weekly routine has ebbed and flowed with the changes in our home and family life and dynamic…

How I Setup My Workweek for Success -

I’ve been a work-from-home mom for almost 12 years now.

Wow, that’s actually kind of crazy to say!

Over those 12 years, my weekly routine has ebbed and flowed with the changes in our home and family life and dynamic – adding kids, husband changing jobs, moving across the country and to different states, etc.

However, one thing that I have always tried to maintain is a Sunday (or weekend) routine to help set myself up for success in my workweek the next week. Doesn’t the saying go “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” or something along those lines?

How I Setup My Workweek For Success -

Sunday and the weekend in general are always lazy times for me and the family. I love getting to spend quality time with the kiddos without schedules, meetings, agendas, or appointments. Time to just relax on the couch and have ice cream sundae’s for lunch and things of that nature.

All that being said, I still take a little time during the week, usually Sunday afternoon/evening time to get myself setup for my work week ahead and the kids school week. Taking just a few minutes during the weekend really helps me setup my workweek for success so I’m not scrambling during the week.

Tidy Up

I know that cleaning on the weekend is not my favorite chore but I do take a few minutes to just tidy up the house. I go around and pick up toys, clothes, and put away anything that is out of place.

I am good about keeping the dishes in check during the week along with doing one load of laundry each day. Plus, we also have a robot vacuum that keeps the floors clean daily for me.

So Sunday is just a reset on all the clutter that accumulates throughout the week – taking the time to either put it away or throw it away.

Map Out the Week

I started using ClickUp recently for my businesses and my blog and it has been the best investment.

I have all my weekly tasks already setup to auto populate on their specific dates. I also have forms for my business that auto add clients to the correct list for me to follow up for contact. I’ve implemented many systems into my workflow and routine that it is automatic and naturally flows based on a set of events or things that need to be done.

All that said, I will usually run through my ClickUp list quickly just to make sure I haven’t missed anything for the week and then add anything that I need to. I’ll also run over my calendar for meetings and shoots planned. That way it’s not sitting in my brain overnight and causing me stress thinking about it and trying not to forget it.

Finish the Laundry

Like I said above, I’ve found it easier to keep up with it during the week, however, if it’s been a particularly busy week and haven’t had the time to do it then Sunday is when I finish it. That way I have clothes to wear throughout the week as well as the hubby has scrubs for work and the kids for school.

Usually, even if it is a busy week I can still manage to get 1 or 2 loads done before the weekend leaving me with just another 1 or 2 more. So not a huge deal.

Set Goals

While mapping out y week, checking over my ClickUp and calendar, I also take time to check on my goal progress for the year, month, etc. and also set new ones. Yes, I have lists of things to be done but if I don’t push myself more than my business will never grow.

I set goals on how many extra recipes I want to test and/or shoot that week. Writing goals. Goals to get so many more bookings on our lakehouse. Goals to workout. Goals to make sure I get the laundry done! Ha!


Social media is such a big part of my businesses now that I have to consciously take time away from social media because I’m on it so frequently now. I’ll usually leave my phone in the nightstand for the day so I’m not tempted. I’ll grab a book or magazine to read instead and keep my hands busy. I’ll also set food shoots for Sunday so I’m busy working on those instead of checking my phone.

I do still watch TV though and don’t completely “unplug” because I do like to sit in bed at the end of the night with the hubby binge watching our favorite shows together.

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