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How I Pack for Trips

I feel like this year has been our year of travel. Haha… we went to Vegas twice, then to Dallas for the hubby to interview, and I just got back…

How I Pack for Trips -

I feel like this year has been our year of travel. Haha… we went to Vegas twice, then to Dallas for the hubby to interview, and I just got back from a trip to Napa with my mom and sisters. I’m so excited to finally start traveling more and hope to have a ton more trips planned next year.

We’ve already got another trip to Dallas planned to start house hunting and I could not be more excited!

How I Pack for Trips

So, after all the traveling I’ve done this summer and already sharing a few packing tips, how to make travel less stressful, and also what’s exactly in my carry-on bag, I thought I would share with you exactly how I pack for a trip.

I’ve always been an over-packer and will still probably remain so but I can at least pack things now that I know I will wear instead of just throwing things into the bag and hoping for the best. Which is what I absolutely used to do before and then would get to the destination, unpack, and be sorely disappointed in my outfit choices and feel like I didn’t have anything to wear.

Over the years, I’ve refined my packing techniques and now have a set method I follow to keep me on track with my packing.

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Make a List

I always make a list or itinerary of the things that we will be doing and then write next to each one what kind of outfit I want to have. I usually try and plan at least 2 outfits per day so I have a day outfit for whatever activity we will be doing and then a night outfit for our nice dinner out.

The hubby really loves to go to nice places to eat when we’re on vacation because we don’t do that normally when we’re home… so this is also my chance to dress up and get a little fancy.

Try Everything On

Yes, I try on every single outfit that I plan on bringing and wearing. I want to make sure it fits (product of being in the in-between, after baby stage) and also make sure that it looks the same on my body as it does in my head. Haha!

If the outfit doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right then I can easily switch it out with something that will before we leave. Then I don’t get mad when we’re there because the outfit is not right.

Lay Everything Out

After trying everything on, I lay it all out matched to outfits on the bed and finish building with accessories, undergarments, purses, and anything else I need to complete the look.

I also try and mix and match bottoms and shoes with outfits so I’ll have the same jeans (or whatever bottom) and shoes with two to three different tops so I don’t have to pack as much.

Then I’ll count the nights we’re staying and add all my pajamas and any socks or extra undergarments that I need. I always pack a few extra of those because you just never know what might happen.

Pack Heavy Things Toward the Bottom

After getting all my outfits and accessories together, I start packing my suitcase by putting the heavy shoes and makeup cases toward the bottom. Not the back that’s lying down but the bottom so when you stand your suitcase up they don’t squish all your clothes and possibly wrinkle or stain anything.

Stay Organized

I have slight OCD when it comes to packing and I have cases and holders for just about everything. Though I don’t have packing cubes yet – to which I don’t know why – but I’m thinking about investing in some before our next trip.

Anyway, I always pack all my jewelry in this jewelry organizer and also all my charging cords or electronic things in this case. Then I know where everything is, it’s not getting tangled, and I’m not left digging for something or untangling it.

There you have exactly how I pack for trips. Is there something that you do differently?

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