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How to Make Travel Less Stressful

The hubby and I just got back from a quick trip to Dallas for an interview and we're getting ready to head back out tomorrow to Vegas for a conference. We haven't traveled much the past few years but I…

How to Make Travel Less Stressful -

The hubby and I just got back from a quick trip to Dallas for an interview and we’re getting ready to head back out tomorrow to Vegas for a conference. We haven’t traveled much the past few years but I feel like we’ve been traveling more this year than all the others combined.

How To Make Travel Less Stressful

I’m notorious for getting a little anxiety before we travel and on the way to the airport. Basically until we get to our destination. I don’t know what it is… anxiousness over flying on the plane? Worry that I’m going to miss the plane and have to rebook (that’s actually happened a few times before)? Not having packed everything that I need?

It’s all of the above and I think most of it stems from not being 100% in control of things. So many different things go through my mind right before heading off and I just can’t shut it off.

Anyway, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years to help me calm my slight anxiety and help me stay stress free before traveling. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the few ways I make traveling less stressful.

Plan Ahead

I cannot stress this enough. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Planning eases my anxiety and makes me feel better. I make lists for everything… what clothes I am going to bring, what I makeup and beauty I need, where we are going to stay, everything.

I also print out all of our boarding passes, hotel and car confirmation numbers, or any other confirmation numbers that I might need. You never know when your phone will die or you don’t have internet to access the confirmation number in your email.

Stay Organized

Even though I cannot control everything while traveling, there are a bunch of things that I can. Like making sure I’m packing properly, have booked and confirmed our plane, hotel, car (if needed), and whatever adventures that we want to go on or restaurants we want to visit.

Then after I print out or screenshot all the confirmations, I put them in a travel folder that I keep in my carry-on or a list on my phone so it’s all in one place. Having tons of different things in different places doesn’t make anything easier. I also put all my travel documents, passport and whatnot, in that same pocket in my carry-on so it’s in the same spot and I’m not rummaging around for it.

I even bought a carry-case to keep all my plugs and cords organized while I’m traveling so nothing gets tangled and stuck anywhere.

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Pack Light(ish)

This is an area that I definitely struggle with because my brain always thinks that something might happen and I’ll need a different outfit than the one I’m actually bringing. However, I do plan all my outfits ahead of time and try everything on before I go. I always try and make outfits that I can mix and match so I can wear everything more than once to save space.

Of course I always pack at least 1-2 extra outfits for “just in case” to ease my mind and give me extra options while I’m there. But it’s always just so much better to have everything planned out and ready to go.

Plus, I mentioned before that I hate carrying a bunch of extra suitcases with me through the airport so I always try to limit to 1 carry-on and 1 medium-sized checked bag.

Be Early

I’m just gunna be honest and say that when I travel with my husband I get way more anxiety the day of the flight. He drives so slow that I’m always worried we’re going to miss the flight. I even try and leave 30 minutes earlier just to make up for the time but he always waits till the last minute to pack and head out the door causing us to leave right at the last minute.

When I travel alone, the anxiety is still there but it’s way less. I always make sure to arrive at the airport 1.5 hours or more before my flight so I have time to get through security and get to the gate. You never know how much traffic there will be or how many people are going to be in line for security once you get there.

There’s my top tips for helping to make travel less stressful. What are some ways you ease travel stress?

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