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Focus T25 – Day 34

It's been 5 weeks since I started T25 and a couple days ago I officially finished the 5 week alpha round. I have to admit... that is one hell of…

Focus T25 - Day 34

It’s been 5 weeks since I started T25 and a couple days ago I officially finished the 5 week alpha round.

I have to admit… that is one hell of a workout. You do not stop for the whole 25 minutes. There is no rest, no warm-up, you just “Focus and GO” (in my best Shaun T voice).

Focus T25 - Day 34

The first few workouts were definitely tough. But after about a week or 2 I was able to keep up with the whole workout and I could see that my endurance and stamina was getting better. I have to say that Speed 1.0 and Cardio were my favorites.

Who’da thunk… the girl who doesn’t like cardio all that much ends up liking the two workouts in the whole bunch that are all cardio. Ha!

The Total Body Circuit workout, however, is a different story. No matter how many times I did that workout it just wasn’t getting any easier. I still struggled through each and every one of those and dreaded those days when I saw that workout on the schedule.

Ab Intervals is also a killer workout… and I thought that all those other ab workouts that were only 10-15 minutes were hard, boy was I wrong.

All-in-all, I only lost 1lb for the whole 5 weeks but I lost 5 inches around my whole body. I’m actually happy with my results because I’m not looking to drop too much weight.

Focus T25 - Day 34

Looking back from day 1 to now, I can see a difference in my abs (they’re starting to come back and party with me now.. yay!!) and my hips. These are the two areas where I lost the most inches.

I am looking to tone up a little more and build a little more muscle. I know that focusing on just cardio won’t do that but tomorrow starts the Beta round and there is supposed to be a little weightlifting in there. We’ll see where that takes me.

So far, I’m really liking the program. Especially since I can get my workout done in just 25 minutes… seriously who doesn’t have time for that?

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