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Cake Mix Donuts

25 mins
2 dozen
Baked donuts made the quick and easy way with a pre-made boxed cake mix and topped with a sweet, sugary glaze and sprinkles!
Cake Mix Donuts
Baked donuts made the quick and easy way with a pre-made boxed cake mix and topped with a sweet, sugary glaze and sprinkles!
Cake Mix Donuts

It’s a Monday and I’m posting about donuts. I have a soft spot for donuts.

I could eat them just about everyday if you let me. Like today.

I made these donuts a couple weeks back just because. My daughter woke up and her face lit up like the tree on Christmas morning when I told her that there were donuts in the oven.

Unlike pancakes, which we eat just about every weekend, donuts are a different story… there really aren’t any great bakeries very close to me now in this little town.

And surprisingly there aren’t any chain donut places here either. Weird.

So it’s a rare occasion that we get donuts from the bakery or that I make them here at the house so when I do it’s a treat for the family.

Cake Mix Donuts

I don’t ever remember eating donuts much as a kid either. Maybe I did. I don’t know.

You become more forgetful after having kids and getting older. Not that I am old yet but… ya know…

Anyway, I do distinctly remember once after having a sleepover for my birthday, my mom asked us what we wanted for breakfast.

Immediately I said, “DONUTS!” so she had my dad drive to the Dunkin down the street and pick up a dozen or so warm, cakey donuts for us girls to enjoy.

It was the prefect end to a fun sleepover with my friends.

Cake Mix Donuts

So that morning a couple weeks back, I decided to try and surprise my daughter. I had an extra box of cake mix in the pantry and decided to give some baked donuts a try using the cake mix.

What better way to use cake mix than to make some cake donuts for breakfast?

I mean, cake for breakfast. No one is going to say no to that.

Cake Mix Donuts

Cake Mix Donuts

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Baked donuts made the quick and easy way with a pre-made boxed cake mix and topped with a sweet, sugary glaze and sprinkles!
Yield 2 dozen
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins


  • 1 (16.25 oz) box cake mix
  • 2 large egg
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter melted
  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 3 Tbsp milk
  • rainbow sprinkles optional


  • Preheat oven to 350° F. Spray donut pan with non-stick cooking spray, set aside.
  • Whisk together dry cake mix, egg, vegetable oil, and water until combined.
  • Pour batter into a large, gallon sized plastic bag and snip off small portion of one corner. Squeeze donut mix into prepared donut pan until cups are about 1/2 full.
  • Bake at 350° F for 12-14 minutes. Let donuts cool in pan for about 5-10 minutes then remove and let cool completely on wire rack.
For the Glaze:
  • In a medium sized bowl, whisk together butter, powdered sugar, and milk until just combined.
  • Dip the cooled donut about 1/2 way into the glaze then lift and turn sideways to let extra run off. Place back on wire cooling rack.
  • Repeat with remaining donuts.
  • Top with optional sprinkles and enjoy!
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This Post Has 89 Comments

    1. Its just any kind of cake mix, i did this with 2 different cake mixed from 2 different brands and it worked fine for me, hope this helped

  1. Thank you for the update. One last question…I was about to order donut pans from Amazon and didn’t know what size to get. Was this recipe for 2 dozen regular or mini donuts? Sorry to be such a bother.

  2. Just what I was looking for today, the first really cool day in NY. I have a box mix for a cinnamon cake and it’s going to make the best donuts! Thanks for the recipe <3

  3. My grandchildren are coming over this morning. We’re going to have a really good day thanks to you! After our breakfast we will go outside and “Wake up the animals!” so that they can be fed theirs.

  4. My question is so we dont follow the right ingredients on the cake box? Just use 1 egg and such as you listed?

    1. I don’t have a donut pan either. What I use is a muffin tin with foil rolled up in a ball and sprayed with cooking spray in the middle. Then I pour the batter around it. They turn out to be smaller donuts and not as perfect, but they look and taste like donuts just the same 🙂
      Great, easy recipe!

    2. Try making a ring with foil, or maybe grease a ramekin, and put a ball of foil in the center for the hole. Just and idea, hope this helps!

  5. Hi. I can’t wait to make these for my son. Do you think the batter would stay good in the refrigerator? To bake later?

  6. These look great! Can I swap the cake mix for any flavor and keep the rest of the ingredients the same? I have about 6 different mixes in my pantry that are just sitting there.

  7. What if I use a different size cake mix. It seems most cake mixes are less than your recipe states. Is there a difference in the ingredient amounts?

    1. If you use a different size cake mix, you will need to add about 1-2 Tbsp. of flour to the batter to make it comparable to the recipe. If I remember correctly, the Duncan Hines brand is the one I used with the larger cake mix volume.

  8. OMG how easy are these to make! My kids would LOVE them for breakfast 🙂 Perfect for this weekend :):)

  9. Cake for breakfast is my life motto. These look so awesome and maybe a little *too* easy to make..? 😉

  10. I really do need to get me a donut pan – is there a brand that you recommend? I have this deep hidden fear of baking cake-like things because I always think that I’m going to put in so much work and it will stick to the pan. Isn’t that crazy!? Anyway, I love these! I’m with your little one; I’d be excited too!

    1. I just bought my donut pan from Target on a whim one day… I don’t even know what brand it is… haha. So I would just grab one you think would work.

  11. Do you know how long the bake time would be for an 18 cavity mini donut pan and if it would work? I want to make these for my office and I think mini would go over better.

    1. I would start by reducing the cooking time by 1/3 and then go from there. If they are not done enough then just put them back in the oven for longer.

  12. I managed to get a Krispy Kreme cake mix, so I jumped online to find a way to convert it to donuts. I’ll be using that mix and your alterations to make the cake donuts on our donut pan. Thanks for posting this! I’ve had these pans for years – both regular and mini- and can’t remember ever having used them before now. So, great mix (it’s amazing, truly!), and it comes with a small packet of glaze, too. Fun, fun!

  13. Duncan Hines cake mixes are 18.5 oz not 16.25 oz (Betty Crocker?) Just wondering what adjustments I would need to make to this recipe?

    1. Not all Duncan Hines cake mixes are 18.5oz, some are 16.25oz – it just depends on the flavor. I can’t remember what particular brand I used when making these, but just read the box before choosing one. If you have one and it’s already 18.5oz then the donuts will just be a little more dense.

  14. I’m getting ready to make some Olympic ring donuts for the kids’ daycare and this recipe sounds perfect!

  15. For those wondering what else to use who don’t have a doughnut pan, I have an electric mini doughnut maker, and it’s perfect. each batch only takes 2-3 minutes, so it’s super fast and they taste amazing.

    1. I also have a 12 count mini donut maker and have been reading the comments to see if it would work..THANK YOU for your comment!!

    1. Hi Jane,

      I’m sorry… I would not know as I do not own a mini donut pan. I’m guessing that it would be half as large? So double the amount stated in the recipe.

    1. Try cutting the cook time in half and go from there. If you find they are underdone, then add more time just 2-3 minutes at a time until they are done.

  16. I made these but due to being gluten intolerant i got a gluten free betty crocker cake mix and used 1/4 cup bananas + 1/2 teaspoon baking powder as an egg replacement and it worked perfectly. Seriously I was really surprised how well they turned out. I’m so appreciative for this recipe even though i modified it for gluten and dairy allergy. Thank you so much!!!

  17. Thanks! I have several boxes of cake mix and was wondering if I could use them in the donut pan.

  18. I am going to make these this weekend and will give update on using the mini do-nut pans- I have a recipe from Williams Sonoma to make from Scratch and will bake 350 4 min then rotate pan and bake another 4 min- they should be good and done- I will update you- also– a note on what works for me- when filling the wells of the donut pans (in my case mini donut pan) I put batter in cake decorating bag and do one squeeze around the center well in circle shape- way easier than using a spoon – and they come out perfectly level and even every time-
    I will give review update on baking time with this cake mix box recipe for mini donuts – probably on Sunday- looks delicious

    1. I have not tried to freeze them. But they only take 20 minutes to make… why not just make them the day of? or the day before then you can glaze them the next morning.

  19. I made these today. The box mix I had was a smidge more, 16.5 oz. I used Cream Cheese frosting. OMG! These are so good. Although, the consistency of a donut was still more like a cake. Not dense like a donut. I don’t know if it had to do with there was pudding in the mix of the cake mix or not. But, will definitely make these again! I used a generic cake mix from Aldi. I can’t wait to try this out with other flavors. I could eat them without the frosting. lol

  20. I tried to make these but my donuts were way to moist. They just fall apart. I’m not really sure whats going on.

  21. You have created a monster. I am now on the search for other variations… cake flavor and different ways to top the donuts. My favorite so far as been when I used a choc. mix. I love this so much. I use a donut machine. My next problem is to figure out how to make them with part of a box.

  22. I haven’t tried this yet. I have been using King Arthur doughnut mixes and a pan I got from them. I am excited to try this, I was wondering if you could use melted butter for the oil? The mixes I get from KAF use melted butter. What do you think. I can just taste a red velvet doughnut with cream cheese glaze.

  23. Hi! I am a teacher and my students would like to collect money and buy donuts once a week for class. I think this is a much affordable way to have donuts each week. I do have a quick question. Can I make these and glaze these the night before class? or do you have any suggestions on how to ice/glaze them that will make it until the next day? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Jennifer! I am going to make them tonight and surprise my students tomorrow. I’m thinking funfetti with the glaze. Do you have any other flavor combo ideas? I’m thinking yellow cake with chocolate glaze?

  24. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to give you an update! These turned out yummy! from my 122 Freshmen students – they says “THANK YOU!!!” LOL I have a quick question- Is there a way to make these a little heavier or denser? Would I just add more flour? I have th 15.5 oz boxes so I add 2 tablespoons of flour. Just wondering if it was possible to get it heavier than super light and fluffy. Thank you!

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve only ever made them this way but if you want them denser you would just lessen the amount of liquid that goes into the batter… so I would lessen the amount of water from 1 cup to 1/2 cup and see how the batter looks. If the batter is a little too thick then just add water 1 Tbsp at a time until you get your desired consistency. Also, adding 1 extra egg will make them more dense along with the less amount of water.

  25. my donuts came out like hocky pucks! tasted great but had to rewarm them in the microwave to be able to soften them enough to eat them!

  26. Some cake mixes are only 15.25 oz dry mix. Would it be advisable to add cake flour to make up the difference?

  27. I needed a foolproof donut recipe. This one met my expectations. The glaze was great too. I used vanilla creamer warmed in the microwave because I ran out of milk. I’m going to use the glaze for cookies I like it so much.

  28. I can’t wait to make these with the grands this summer they love making donuts and I know this will be a hit! Thanks

  29. Help! I made these amazing donuts (chocolate) last week for a bazaar I was doing. this week I did them again (twice) and they just crumbled apart. I tried white cake and chocolate one was Betty Crocker one Duncan Hines. What could I have done wrong?

    1. I’m sorry that happened, Tanya! Unfortunately, without being in the kitchen with you I can’t say what went wrong as it could be any number of factors.

  30. I forgot to buy donuts for my Bible Study brunch tomorrow. These were the perfect solution and worked great on my baby cakes donut maker!!

    1. Yes, I would reduce the time by 4-5 minutes then check doneness with a toothpick inserted in the center of the batter. If it comes out clean, they are done, if not put them back in for a few more minutes.

  31. I have a Wilton pan. Everything I make in it sticks no matter what I do. Also, though they tasted really good, the donuts fell apart when I tried to get them out. I think I’ve tried fort the last time.

  32. I have previously made donuts with Aldi cinnamon muffin mix, and banana bread mix and they were the right density, but cake mixes have so many more flavor choices making it more fun!

  33. Using this recipe resulted in donut shaped cakes that held together well enough to remove from the pan. I could see this recipe as a way to dupe your kids into thinking they are eating donuts but adults should know that this recipe results in a cake texture. I’m wondering if whole wheat flour could be added to this recipe to strengthen the texture. Results were tasty but not what I wanted.

  34. My Canadian mix, Betty Crocker, says it has 432 grams, which equals only 15.24. Oz…I believe, should I do anything differently?

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