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What I Packed for Dallas in January

It's been a little over a month since we went to Dallas to do some house shopping and so I figured it was time to share everything that I packed…

What I Packed for Dallas in January -

It’s been a little over a month since we went to Dallas to do some house shopping and so I figured it was time to share everything that I packed for our trip.

The hubby and I had actually visited for the first time back in September for a job interview but this time would be completely different. This time I wouldn’t have to plan for any business casual events or going to dinner with any of the interviewees or possibly co-workers that he might have.

Plus, the weather this time was going to be different – re: cooler than last time but definitely warmer than Michigan – so I had to plan accordingly.

What I Packed for Dallas in January

During the last trip we actually did a little house shopping then, just to prepare ourselves and also see what our money could buy here. That is, if we accepted the position and decided to move.

Of course, that is what happened and we are officially moving to Dallas! I cannot wait and am so excited for this new chapter in our lives. And to finally be moving out of the great-white-North that is Michigan wintertime.

Anyway, I kept with my go-to formula when packing for a different climate that might be a little cool at night but still warm during the day: jeans, tee, cardi for cool times. I’m very much a comfy, casual girl at heart but also like to keep things polished.

Plus, this time, all we had to do was go house shopping and start exploring our new city… which is always so fun!

Let’s get to it!


Monday was a travel day and snowing in Michigan when we left. I dressed in layers with a cozy popcorn sweater and my new LOFT coat that I am obsessed with. Since it was snowing outside in MI before we left, I wore boots because I didn’t want my feet/ankles to get cold while getting to and from the airport, plane, etc. I also knew that we would be looking at houses as soon as we landed so I wanted to be cute but comfortable.

grey coat, popcorn sweater, dark wash jeans, brown boots

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Our first full day of house shopping. Monday we went to lunch and looked at 3 houses as soon as we landed and today we had 6 showings lined up. Plus grabbing breakfast, lunch, and possibly throwing on some heels for dinner. Though I didn’t end up using the heels for dinner because we were so wiped at the end of the day.

grey cardigan, 3/4 sleeve tee, white crop jeans, grey sneakers

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Another day with about 6 house showings lined up. We actually saw the house of our dreams yesterday and put in an offer but there was another offer on the table. The realtor decided to give the guy till end of business day today to make a decision so this was a very stressful day for us. We still looked at houses just in case our offer wasn’t accepted but then we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards after to grab a late lunch and walk off some of our anxiety. It actually turned out to be a little cooler in TX than I anticipated so I’m glad I brought all the cardi’s to keep me warm.

white cardigan, pink camisole, same dark wash jeans, same grey sneakers

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We had another 5 houses lined up today but our offer on our dream house was accepted! So we cancelled the rest of the showing and just had a lazy, celebratory day. We spent the morning having breakfast together then heading to the realty office to sign some paperwork to start escrow and the official house buying process.

3/4 sleeve sweater, same white crop jeans, same grey sneakers

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Our travel day home so I packed something a little warmer because I knew we would be heading back to snow on the ground. I packed another sweater then wore the boots and jacket on the plane.

turquoise sweater, same dark wash jeans, same brown boots

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Full Packing List:

Tops: Even though I looked at the weather before we left, I was still unsure how I would feel in that weather. I packed mostly 3/4 sleeve or full-length sweaters and tops with the exception of one.

  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 3/4-sleeve tees
  • 2 camisoles

Jeans: I always wear my jeans more than once at home so why not while I’m on vacation. I try and get 3-4 wearings out of them before they hit the wash unless I spill something on them or whatnot.

  • 1 pair dark wash jeans
  • 1 pair white crop jeans

Shoes: I’ve always been a notorious over-packer when it came to shoes. I never know if I’m going to want to wear heels or if I just want to stick to the sneakers or sandals. Because of that I always end up packing more shoes than I need but it’s always good to have options. Though I should try and get better about that.

  • Brown Boots
  • Brown booties
  • Grey Sneakers

Outerwear: Like I said above, I was coming from snow to somewhere much warmer (but still chilly) so I packed a warm coat and also some lighter layers to keep myself warm when needed but I could take them off if I got too warm.

  • Grey coat
  • Grey cardigan
  • White Cardigan

Accessories: I always bring my camera with me but I also brought an umbrella on this trip. The last time we came to Dallas it rained almost every day and I wanted to be prepared this time.

  • Sunnies
  • Travel Umbrella (didn’t end up needing)
  • Crossbody purse
  • Camera (duh!)

That’s my whole packing list for Dallas! Have you been before? I would love to hear about some of your favorite spots!

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