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Weekend Workout Prep

The weekend is notorious for me falling off the workout wagon. I only workout Monday through Friday to give myself some rest on the weekends. However, most of the time I end up falling completely off track and end up…

Weekend Workout Prep -

The weekend is notorious for me falling off the workout wagon. I only workout Monday through Friday to give myself some rest on the weekends.

However, most of the time I end up falling completely off track and end up having to make up for all my hard work and bad choices on the next Monday that comes around.

Weekend Workout Prep

It’s become a vicious cycle. The weekends just always feel so much harder to stay on track. With the whole family home, the kids constantly asking for food, and the hubby cooking up a storm in the kitchen most weekend days, there’s temptation all around.

I’ve finally realized what I’ve been doing wrong and I’m working hard to correct it. A little planning goes a long way and since I’m so organized about many aspects of life, I realize that I need to be a little more focused and planed for the week ahead.

Here are some tips that I’ve adopted to do during the weekend to stay on track and feel much better about the week ahead. Instead of just feeling like I’m making up for all my bad choices.

Plan Workouts

Luckily this one has come pretty easy for me as I usually follow a set workout routine for a set number of days. I just pick a workout program on Beachbody on Demand and it has everything laid out there for me with what days to complete each workout and such.

However, if you don’t work at home then I would grab your calendar out and write down any classes that you want to take or times that you can block off to head to the gym or out for a run.

If you have a workout buddy, call them and do the weekly calendar together.

Do Some Laundry

I am not a fan of doing the laundry; however, nothing stops your workout in its tracks like not having anything to wear. Thankfully, I have about 2 weeks of workout gear to get through before I absolutely have to do laundry though it does get done every week because… kids.

If this isn’t you… grab your hamper and do a load or two making sure that your workout gear is included so you can be ready for that morning workout sesh come Monday morning.

Also, hang (or fold) your top, bottom, and sports bra together so you aren’t running around the house finding everything before changing. It’s already ready for you.

Gather Your Equipment

Since I workout at home, I have everything in a designated corner of my house so it’s easy to find. When I’m done working out it all goes back in the designated basket or hung on the designated rack.

If you head to a gym every day, pack your bag on the weekend, making sure to include everything you might need – yoga mat, sneakers, earbuds, extra towel, etc. – so, once again, you’re not running around 5 minutes before heading out the door. Then place your packed bag next to the door so you know right where it is.

The weekend is also a great time to update your fitness playlist and keep your tunes synced with your routine for the week.

Plan Your Meals

Sunday is the day when I update the family meal calendar for the week. I go through all my recipes, magazines, and cookbooks to pick out 4-5 recipes for the week. Then I check all ingredients and head to the grocery store grabbing everything I might need.

When I get home I’ll prep and wash as many fruit and veggies as I can so when I’m exhausted from the weekday I’m not complaining or short-cutting because I don’t want to do it.

I’ve also recently been portioning out fruits in individual baggies for “pre-made” smoothies for the freezer. Then I just have to pull out a bag, add some water and protein powder and blend it up.

Pre-make Breakfast and Lunch

Some weeks when I’m feeling super motivated, I’ll pre-make some soup or an easy ground pork dish then portion and pack it up for lunches. I’ll also make a big batch of protein waffles or pancakes and put in the freezer to just quickly heat and go. It cuts down on temptation because I’m not searching for food when I’m famished and grabbing the most unhealthy thing I can find.

You can also grab a big bag of lettuce and pre-make some salads with fresh cut veggies and homemade dressing in its own container on the side.

Basically whatever you would love to eat for breakfast or lunch for the week at work or home just make on Sunday and portion out to re-heat later. If you don’t have the time or hate eating “leftovers”, you can also just portion out the ingredients you need so everything is already ready when you want to cook.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is just as important for weight loss as it is for your brain and mental health. Take a nice long shower or bath and hit the hay early on Sunday night. Read a few chapters of a good book to help you relax even more.

A good night’s sleep will help you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

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