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Tech-Free Sunday

Tomorrow, and all Sunday's hereafter, I'm declaring "Tech-Free Sunday." My family is the most important thing in the world to me and with all the gadgets now days to keep in touch with everyone, it's hard to just step away…

Tech-Free Sunday -

Tomorrow, and all Sunday’s hereafter, I’m declaring “Tech-Free Sunday.”

Tech-Free Sunday

My family is the most important thing in the world to me and with all the gadgets now days to keep in touch with everyone, it’s hard to just step away and spend quality time with them.

I mean, even when we go to the beach or to dinner or even just sitting on the couch watching a family movie, the phones and iPads are still there and I can check my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., whenever I want.

And it’s surely tempting…

Not to mention the screen lighting up when there is a new notification makes people drool like Pavlov’s dog. “Oh, oh, someone liked my photo! Let’s go stalk there IG page and see who they are.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But it is definitely important to step back, shut down the computer, and put the phone/iPad away where you cannot see or hear it.

So, today, my daughter and I took this old bulu box I had lying around…

Tech-Free Sunday

…and covered it in some paper (the orange box just wasn’t that appealing) and cut a hole in the back so that our gadgets could still charge while we weren’t using them.

Tech-Free Sunday

The box turned out the be perfect and the exact size for all my electronics. It fits my iPad Mini, Kindle, and iPhone perfectly and I can shut the top so that I don’t hear it ringing or see the screen lighting up when I’m in the room.

I plan on putting the electronics in there Saturday night so that I’m not tempted to look at the screen real quick on Sunday morning before adding it to the box. This way, it’s already in there and I can truly have a “tech-free Sunday” with my family.

Tech-Free Sunday

Now, here in lies a problem… I use my phone for everything. Literally.

The biggest one is the note taking app that I feel is constantly open.

Awesome Note App
Awesome Note App

It’s what I use to write all my blog ideas, to-do list throughout the day, grocery list, and recipes/dinner ideas for the week. This is the only problem I foresee with this idea… however, it just means that I’ll have to back to the old fashioned paper-and-pen method of writing my ideas down and then transferring them to the phone on Monday morning.

Which will take me all of 60 seconds. No big deal.

So I picked up a cute little notebook just for this reason. And since it’s back-to-school time, it was on sale. Double score!

Tech-Free Sunday

So here’s to a tech-free day and spending some quality time with my daughter and husband (when he’s not working) and enjoying myself without distractions.

Do you have a tech-free day in your home?

How often do you really unplug and just spend quality time with the person you love? Or a friend without having to look at your phone every 5 seconds to see if you have a new notification?

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