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Rainy Day Jacket

Yucky, rainy days like today make me happy that I bought this super lightweight jacket recently.

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Yucky, rainy days like today make me happy that I bought this super lightweight jacket recently. It’s still warm and humid here – even more humid today because of the rain – but I always feel like I need something to cover my arms when it rains.

I like having a lightweight jacket or cardigan that I can layer on days like today. If I don’t, then I get wet from the rain then going into a building or car with AC makes me cold.

So I layer on a lightweight jacket to keep me dry then I can take it off when and if I need to. Do you do the same?

Anyway, I got this super cute pink canvas jacket from Old Navy and it’s my new favorite thing! I was actually in the market for an Army green color jacket but I saw this pink color and fell in love. I also don’t really have any pink jackets so, yeah.

I love that I can roll up the sleeves to make them shorter for warm days like today. Or if it’s colder out then I can just keep them down for more warmth.

I’m also wearing my new favorite jeans from Abercrombie. I love, love, love the raw distressed hem and the light wash. Of course they’re crops which is my go-to style now-a-days. I feel like crop jeans are just a little more flattering on my legs.

Since I wanted the pink jacket to make the statement, I just wore a simple white tee under. I know… white tee and rain don’t mix but the jacket protected me. And I wasn’t outside too much today, just had to get my daughter from school to go get her cavities filled.

Throw on my leopard sneakers for another pop of fun and out the door! Time to get some cavities filled.

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