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Heading Home – New York City

We're heading home today! I'm so excited and tired and my feet hurt from walking around so much. Haha!

Photos By: Stefan Meyering
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We’re heading home today! I’m so excited and tired and my feet hurt from walking around so much. Haha!

I absolutely love going on vacation and want to do it more often but I also love being home and in my own bed and having my own routine.

Anyway, I’m writing this from the airport right now. We got here early because of checking out of the hotel and didn’t want to just sit there waiting. Might as well work from the airport instead.

I’ll get to sleep in my for two nights then I’m heading to Florida for my sister-in-law’s baby shower! I’m so excited for that because I haven’t seen her or my brother in a while so it’ll be nice little family time.

Also, super excited they’re finally having a baby and I won’t be the only one with grandbabies anymore. Though now I do have to share my mom and her amazing babysitting so the hubby and I can go on trips together.

Anywho, since it’s a travel day and going back to warmer weather, I’m just wearing my black AF jeans again with my maroon cami and a multi-colored Hollister cardigan. This cardigan is my absolute favorite and I wish every year they would bring it back in another color… but alas, they have not yet.

White sneakers for a comfy plane ride home and we’re off. Peace out NYC… it’s been real. Till next time!

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