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Dinner with Cousins

We went out to dinner with my cousin and her family last night and has such a great time!

Photos By: Aubrey Meyering
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We went out to dinner with my cousin and her family last night and has such a great time! We haven’t seen each other since Christmas and before that it had been another couple of months. It’s crazy how much life gets in the way of getting together when kiddos are in school and we all have regular routines to attend to.

Since I hadn’t seen her in so long I proposed that we have dinner at a place I saw one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram go to. She has 5 kiddos and had them all with her so I thought it would be perfect for our party of 6 and her party of 5.

The place was fantastic and now I want to go there during the day. They have a huge outdoor area in the front with AstroTurf with yard games to play while you wait for a table or the other side had fire pits and you could buy s’more making kits to roast s’mores on. Or you could just hang out there with a drink.

Then around the side of the building there is a huge outdoor dining space that’s covered from the sun and has a ton of picnic table set up, and outside bar, and a stage for live music. 

It was such a gorgeous day outside so I wore my loose knit sweater from H&M with just some jeans from Wal-Mart and my new wedge sneakers.

BTW, who knew that Wal-Mart had such good jeans? These jeans are super soft and stretchy, so comfortable, and I’ve worn them three times now without washing and they haven’t stretched out at all! I had to go up a size but I would totally  go back and get another pair they are that good.

Cheers to the rest of the weekend and have a great week!

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