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Loving Lately

#lovinglately January 2019

Happy New Year, guys! I hope everyone is doing well and has recovered nicely from the holidays and everyone is already full swing into New Year Resolutions. Hopefully you haven't…

#lovinglately January 2019 -

Happy New Year, guys!

I hope everyone is doing well and has recovered nicely from the holidays and everyone is already full swing into New Year Resolutions. Hopefully you haven’t fallen off the bandwagon just yet… I haven’t, though it hasn’t been easy.

#lovinglately January 2019

Anyway, were at the end of another month and time for another (or first, if you will) edition of #lovinglately!

Yes, the name changed this year as I just wasn’t feeling the previous name of “Currently Shopping.” I’m not always shopping and with that title I felt like everything I shared with you for the month I actually had to buy.

This way, with the name change to #lovinglately, I can share with you everything I’ve bought and everything that I found that I’ve been loving or lusting over and might just have in my cart waiting for it to go on sale.

Ya girl always has to wait for things to go on sale. I don’t know what it is but I still cannot justify spending full price on clothing when I know that it will go on sale eventually… even if it’s after season or whatever. However, I have found that things go on sale more frequently now so I usually don’t have to wait long. And there’s always a promo code that I can find too.

Let’s get to it! Everything I’m loving lately this month!

Casual Shirt Knitted Tops

#lovinglately January 2019

You can actually see this shirt in person right here! It’s so soft and cozy without being too bulky but is also long enough for leggings.

AE Cloudspun Sweater

#lovinglately January 2019

This might just be my favorite sweater that I have ever purchased in my life. I know, I know that I said this sweater was my favorite, but this has taken over. However, the latter is still #2 and will forever stay in my top 5.

Express London Tee

#lovinglately January 2019

These tee’s are, hands down, my favorite tee ever. They are perfectly slouchy but still have shape to not make you look too baggy. The plush version is new for me and I love how soft the material is without being itchy or hot.

Express Side Ruched London Tee

#lovinglately January 2019

This is basically the same material of the tee above but this one just has longer length. They are both great for leggings but this one has some ruching on the side which gives it a little more shape it in the butt and hip area.

Express Downtown Cami

#lovinglately January 2019

Up until now the Barcelona Cami was my favorite. Now this has taken over but the other is still number 2. If I could only choose one cami to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one. So many great colors, I’m pretty sure I ordered 2 colors this round.

Side Ruched 3/4 Sleeve Tunic

#lovinglately January 2019

I love the Express Ruched London tee so much that I took to Amazon to find more. I wanted more from Express but they were out of stock and I found these instead…. They are practically the same and this one comes in a TON of colors. I ordered 2 and I love them both.

AE Cozy City Sweatshirt

#lovinglately January 2019

I have been looking for a crew neck sweatshirt this entire winter and I finally found one that I love. Bonus that it’s tunic length and I can wear it with leggings and not just jeans! Omg this sweater is everything and more… I ordered 2 colors, the white and red, and it is literally the softest thing I have put on my body ever.

AE Lace Bralette

#lovinglately January 2019

This might just be the best bralette in the world (I know, haha, I’ve said that about almost everything this month but it’s so true). I’ve gotten a few bralettes from Aire in the past and these are my favorite, by far.

Matty M Leggings

#lovinglately January 2019

I actually found these at Costco recently and just picked up a couple pair to lounge around the house with. They are nice and thick, so not see-through, but not thick enough to be sweating your booty off wearing them.

Cozy Fleece Jacket

#lovinglately January 2019

I got this at Costco at the same time as the leggings above, and I love it! Teddy coats are all the rage this winter but it’s been hard for me to find one that doesn’t, in fact, make me look like a giant stuffed teddy bear. This one fits the bill perfectly. It has a great cut so it’s not too bulky but it’s oh so warm and lined with fleece on the inside and out!

There you have it! My favorite things of January – actually probably in the past year! What are some of your favorite things this month?

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