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Loving Lately

#lovinglately August 2019

We are at the end of August and you know what that means! Another episode of #lovinglately! I'm just gunna go ahead and say it: this month was a good…

#lovinglately August 2019 -

We are at the end of August and you know what that means! Another episode of #lovinglately!

I’m just gunna go ahead and say it: this month was a good month for shopping. I found a lot of great staple items this month that I can seriously see myself getting a ton of use out of and will be in my closet for years.

#lovinglately August 2019

It’s still super-hot here in Texas so I there are a few tanks and flowy tops on there. But I know that fall and winter are coming so I stocked up on a few new pairs of jeans and a couple cardigans. I love cardigans.

Lets’ get to it! #lovinglately August 2019!

Leopard Chiffon Top

#lovinglately August 2019

I’ve really been feeling all the leopard print lately so on one of my late night Amazon trolling-binges, I found this beauty. It’s prefect for these hot days because it’s lightweight chiffon material and very flowy.

V-Neck Tunic Tank

#lovinglately August 2019

I’ve been having to get dressed every day to walk my daughter to school every morning and afternoon but I don’t always want to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I would rather just stay in my leggings. So I found these prefect tunic tanks to wear with them. They have great length to cover the booty and nice and flowy.

H&M V-Neck Blouse

#lovinglately August 2019

This was a super impulse buy from H&M when I got my daughters a bunch of their $5 dresses. This was on the rack close to checkout and I just grabbed it. I love the striped detail and, again, it’s a nice flowy material that will go with everything.

AE V-Neck Pullover Sweater

#lovinglately August 2019

Trying to think ahead to when it’s going to get cooler outside and bought this lightweight sweater. I’m not sure how fall and winter are here yet so I wanted to grab a few lightweight sweater options in case I needed them. Right now all I have from Michigan are thicker sweaters.

Aerie Quarter Zip Sweater

#lovinglately August 2019

This sweater is my new favorite! It’s lightweight but still warm and it’s tunic length so I can wear it with my daily leggings to walk to school. It’s not soft on the inside like I thought it was, but it works.

Color-block Cardigan

#lovinglately August 2019

I’m a sucker for a good cardigan and this one is good. I love the color-block because it will go with everything and it has the perfect weight to keep me warm but not too hot. It’s also amazingly soft.

Duster Cardigan

#lovinglately August 2019

I actually don’t have a brown cardigan in my closet yet so when I saw this is grabbed it. It’s super soft and has great length. The brown is prefect to pair with so many outfits.

ON Mid-Rise Raw Edge Ankle Jeans

#lovinglately August 2019

I grabbed these on sale to get the free shipping from Old Navy and I’m not mad about it. I love the cropped length and the light wash isn’t something I have yet so I can see myself wearing these often.

A&F Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans

#lovinglately August 2019

Abercrombie has become my go-to for jeans so when I saw these pair recently I had to have them. The wash is the perfect color. I also don’t have any jeans that are super skinny and long enough to tuck into my winter booties, so there’s that.

A&F Mid Rise Ankle Jeans

#lovinglately August 2019

Abercrombie frequently runs 50% off jeans and I usually get 2 pair just to get the free shipping (I hate paying for shipping) so I got these with the pair above. The released hem is a nice touch and I love the color of the wash.

What are some things you found this month that you love?

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