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Looks like Fall!

It's FINALLY starting to look like fall! Despite it being in the 40-50's here already and feeling like fall... it's starting to look like it! The leaves are starting to…

Looks like Fall! -

It’s FINALLY starting to look like fall!

Despite it being in the 40-50’s here already and feeling like fall… it’s starting to look like it!

Looks Like Fall!

The leaves are starting to change colors and I could not be more excited! It has been YEARS – literally, more than 20 years – since I have seen the fall color change.

Looks Like Fall!

Growing up in Florida, you don’t get a fall or winter. Or spring. Ever. You may get a couple “cool” days where it gets down to like 50-60° but it’s pretty much summer time year round.

Which is not a terrible thing because spring and summer are my favorite seasons and you get to visit the beach during the winter time when everyone else is bundled up and wearing 5-6 layers of clothing to keep warm. But on the flip side… we don’t get to experience fall weather and season changes.

It’s funny, though, because on those “cool” days in Florida, everyone thinks it’s so cold and is seriously bundled up like northerners. We’re talking North Face jackets, UGG boots, scarves, sweaters, etc. Then the next day it’s back to 80° and everyone back in tanks and shorts.

Looks Like Fall!

Ah, I seriously miss living in Florida.

I have to say that I definitely loved living in Florida and although I love my Florida weather and already miss it (not the humidity), I’m excited to finally see fall and experience a winter here in Michigan. (Ask me if I love it after we experience a full winter. Haha)

I know that one day my hubby and I will end up back in Florida for good, since that’s where both of our immediate families are, but for now we’re going to enjoy this beautiful gift that we have been given.

Looks Like Fall!

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