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January 2018 Finds

So I found out the other day that I failed my glucose test. I don't want to say that I, like, failed failed because the numbers were only off on…

January 2018 Finds -

So I found out the other day that I failed my glucose test. I don’t want to say that I, like, failed failed because the numbers were only off on the initial 1 hour test by 11 points. But it was enough to warrant the 3 hour test, which I actually had to do when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.

I passed the 3 hour when I was pregnant with my third baby but didn’t pass this time. Lame. And I still didn’t fail, fail this one either. My fasting glucose was normal and my 3 hour result was normal… it was the 1 hour and 2 hour results that were off by about 5-10 points each.

So because of that, they told me I have gestational diabetes.

I just picked up my glucose monitor a few days ago and have been having to test my blood sugar 4 times a day… morning fast and after each major meal. Since diabetes runs in my family, it’s not something new to me and so I know how to manage and control it.

Fortunately, all my blood sugar values so far have been within normal ranges, which is good. I’m heading back to the OB in a couple days and we’ll see what he has to say about everything. The only thing I’m hoping that comes out of this is that they decide to deliver me early. I have a history of having big babies so maybe it’ll happen?

Wishful thinking, I know.

January 2018 Finds

Anyway, enough of my blathering.

Now that I’ve decided to scale back on some of the food posts and do more lifestyle posts… I mean this is a lifestyle blog… I wanted to start doing a round up, if you will, of all the things that I’ve either purchased that month or things that I’m lusting over and are on my shopping list or in some virtual cart somewhere.

All of the things this month I actually purchased and are now residing in my closet. *heart eyes* Some things, obviously, I cannot wear yet as I’m 30 weeks pregnant but that doesn’t stop me from buying things that will fit once I lose the belly.

I tend to have a shopping problem when I’m pregnant… I want all the things. Haha

So here we go!

AE Pom Beanie

January 2018 Finds

I’ve been in the market for a white or grey pom beanie for a couple years now and I finally found one that I like.

I would still prefer a pure white one but I saw this when I was Christmas shopping at AE and it was only $6 so I couldn’t pass it up!

Hollister Textured Cardigan

January 2018 Finds

I absolutely love cardigans and I probably have way too many and half of which I don’t even wear. Maybe I should clean out my closet?

Anyway, I saw this, again, at Hollister while I was Christmas shopping and could not pass it up. Score 2 for pre-christmas sales. I love this cardigan, it’s just a little oversized but oh so warm and cozy.

Old Navy Shawl Open Front Cardigan

January 2018 Finds

Another cardigan! I told you, I have a problem… haha. But this one is so different than any of the others I have in my closet.

I don’t have one that’s this “duster” length and this shade of grey. Actually, I didn’t have any grey before this one. It’s so warm and cozy and definitely something I see myself wearing all the time since it’s still kind of winter snow/rain outside.

Express Zip Front Gramercy Tee

January 2018 Finds

I saw this top and I fell in love. It was actually marked down on the clearance rack and then an additional 40% off of that. Well, someone messed up because it wasn’t supposed to be on the clearance rack.

But Express being the awesome company that they are, honored the mistake and I got a sweet post-partum top for about $18!

French Connection Cowl Neck Tunic

January 2018 Finds

I found this exact sweater at TJ Maxx when I was shopping for a new purse. I don’t even know why I was wondering in the clothing section when I know that none of the clothes fit me, but the clearance rack just calls my name when I’m in a store… haha.

And I cannot wait to wear it after I have this baby.

Michael Kors Side Lace-Up Sweater

January 2018 Finds

I got this sweater at the same time as the French Connection one above. Once again, I saw it on the clearance rack and couldn’t say no.

The side lace-up detail is what sold me.

Target Inset Panel Jeggings

January 2018 Finds

This was more of a necessity purchase – I needed a new pair of comfortable maternity pants. I’ve said before that my other demi-panel pants were super uncomfortable and the full panel ones always slide down so I had to find something that would fit and be comfortable.

These are by far my most worn and most loved maternity jeans in my closet.

AE Boot Socks

January 2018 Finds

These were another impulse purchase but I actually kind of needed them. I got them the same time as the beanie above and they were also on clearance. I bought them because I have super skinny calves when I’m not pregnant and most boot shafts are too big on me, even the skinny shaft ones.

So, I needed something to give me a little cushion between my legs and boots while also providing warmth when it is cold outside. And they have a cute little sparkle to them that I love too.

DSW Sequin Bootie

January 2018 Finds

Sequins! You cannot go wrong with a pair of sequin booties.

I actually asked my sister to get these for me for Christmas, but since she’s a super late shopper they would not have arrived in time and she bought me something else instead.

So I bought them for myself. haha

Kenneth Cole Sequin Sneaker

January 2018 Finds

I spotted these babies when I was perusing the shoe section at TJ Maxx while Christmas shopping.

Sparkles, sneakers, and would just add the little something to my everyday outfit choices. Win. Bought them on clearance, again, for about $20.

Haha, there is a theme… I love bargains and clearance shopping and sequins, apparently.

So, there you have it… my January 2018 finds! Tell me, what is something that you found and loved this month?

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