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We’re Officially Homeowners!

When I was a kid, it was hard to realize and picture the day that I would actually be buying my first home. I never thought in a million years…

We're Officially Homeowners -

When I was a kid, it was hard to realize and picture the day that I would actually be buying my first home. I never thought in a million years that it would actually happen. I don’t think I really wanted to grow up… I wanted to be a kid forever.

But, of course, that’s not going to happen.

Even when I moved out on my own and eventually graduating college and getting a “real job”, I just kept moving from apartment to apartment and not really loving anywhere that I lived. I still didn’t think that I would ever be in a good enough financial place to buy my first home. I was saving money and working my bootay off but it never seemed like buying a home would become reality.

Well, the day finally came! 11 years after moving out of my parents house and 8 years after falling in love with the person I am spending the rest of my life with… I am so blessed to be able to afford my first home with my husband.

I'm Officially a Homeowner

The house is absolutely perfect and everything I could have asked for in my first home. Open concept, big kitchen, and located in an amazing neighborhood.

It’s also just about 1 mile to the nearest beach.

Yes, I said beach and I live in Michigan. We live very close to Lake Michigan.

I'm Officially a Homeowner

The lot size is HUGE and definitely looks like it will take some time to mow. Good thing I’ll only have to do it about 6 months out of the year because the rest of the year it will be covered in snow.

Hard to believe that this place will be covered in snow during the winter… it’s so beautiful right now.

The house could also definitely use some new landscaping… something hearty that will come back after the snowy winters… but I’ll get to that eventually. Right now, I’m just excited to move in and start our new life together.

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We’re Officially Homeowners! We're Officially Homeowners -
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