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First Snow Day!

We're having our first official SNOW DAY today! And my daughter could not be more excited... she gets to stay home from school! That is what it looked like at 7:15 this morning when I woke up to get her…

First Snow Day! -

We’re having our first official SNOW DAY today! And my daughter could not be more excited… she gets to stay home from school!

First Snow Day!

That is what it looked like at 7:15 this morning when I woke up to get her ready for school. The weather said we would have “light snow showers” all night… it ended up being over 18 inches!! That’s not really “light” showers to me… haha.

We were literally almost snowed in. The plows hadn’t come to plow the streets yet so there wasn’t any way for people to get out to the bus stop or drive to take their kids to school.

The way I knew that schools were closed is because the school system sent out an e-mail at about 5am letting everyone know. That was nice to see since I usually skim my inbox when I first wake up and I didn’t have to rush to turn on the news to find out what schools were closed – if any.

First Snow Day!

So after making some breakfast and coffee, I tried to take the dogs out so they could go to the bathroom. What a funny sight that was. Kori (the oldest) didn’t want to have anything to do with the snow and refused to even step foot out of the garage. However, Sadie bounded right in it and then immediately sunk and all I saw were the little tops of ears poking out of the snow. Probably the funniest thing I have seen in a while! She has such short legs (they are welsh corgis) that she couldn’t even see over the top of the snow! After a little while she got her bearings and was able to maneuver through with her head above it.

Unfortunately, even though schools were closed, my husband still had to go to work that afternoon. He wasn’t too happy about me waking him up at 8:30am (he worked till about 1am the night before) but there was NO WAY that I would be able to show-blow the whole driveway by myself to make sure that his car could get out. But after he realized that he might not even be able to make it to work… he got up and started the snow-blower.

Good thing we listened to the neighbors and bought one a few weeks back when they were on sale… there was so much snow that it would have taken us hours to shovel it all out! And then he definitely would have been late or missed work.

After we got him out and on the road, Alyssa started begging me to get her dressed so she could go out and play.

First Snow Day!

She was out there for hours and played with all her friends in the neighborhood. I ended up going out there with her for a little while and attempting to make a snow angel…

First Snow Day!

… but that didn’t work out too well. As soon as I fell back in the snow I sunk down about 4-5 inches and then Sadie ran right on top of me. I was literally covered in snow and the angel didn’t turn out too well. We’ll have to try it again.

The snow is going to melt here in the next day or so since it’s supposed to be back in the upper 50s and 60s this weekend. Then back down and snow again next week. This time I’ll be ready!! Now that the streets are plowed, I’ve got to do some seriously winter clothes shopping. This one jacket, hat, and pair of gloves, just ain’t gunna cut it! We’ve got to get winterized! Haha

On another note… It’s kind of weird looking out of my windows and seeing all this snow on the ground. Growing up in Florida, you don’t ever see snow. I was born in Michigan but moved to Florida when I was 3 so I don’t remember any of the snow.

I’ve seen it before on vacations that I have taken, but it’s just different when you live in it.

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