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Favorite Stores for Affordable Workout Clothes

Having cute workout clothes (for some reason) makes me want to get up and workout and push harder at my workouts. I never used to be the type to just…

My Top 6 Stores for Affordable Workout Clothes -

Having cute workout clothes (for some reason) makes me want to get up and workout and push harder at my workouts.

My Top 6 Stores for Affordable Workout ClothesI never used to be the type to just throw on a t-shirt and some ratty pants and saunter into the gym to get my workout done. I always had to look decent even if I was going to go sweat my ass off and look like a hot mess after.

Plus, a cute new outfit to workout in is always fun. However, when buying workout clothes I quickly found out that I could spend a small fortune on just a top alone and that’s just not gunna fly.

Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a stockpile of workout clothes… some great and some not so great. I could probably go a solid two weeks or so without washing my workout clothes (though of course I do laundry more often than that) I have so many.

In my workout wear collecting, I’ve come across some great places to find some great pieces (or outfits) and without breaking the bank. Score!

So here’s a list of my Top Stores for Affordable Workout Clothes.


I absolutely love H & M, it’s seriously a weakness of mine every time I walk into that store. Luckily for me there isn’t one close by. They do have some awesome workout clothes for great prices and I think the most expensive thing I have seen there is about $40 and they are quality pieces.

I have had a pair of capris from here for longer than 3-4 years and they have gone through some Tough Mudder’s and Spartan Races with me and still look brand new.


I have bought several tanks and capri’s from Forever 21 and I love them all. They have held up well in the wash and they’re most expensive item that I have seen so far is a long-sleeve top for around $30. You can’t beat that!

They have cute sports bras for under $10 that have cute strappy details and fun styles. If you need support though, or your doing a lot of high intensity cardio then skip the bras.

TJMaxx & Marshall’s

Chances are if I step foot into either one of these stores I am walking out with something fitness wear related. I love the variety of trusted brands they carry at a discount: Nike, UnderArmor, Adidas, Champion… you get the idea.

I am usually able to find tanks/tops I love for around $10 and pants for under $25 and they have a great sports bra selection too!


If you like Champion brand athletic wear, Target is your place. I love their sports bras, with a variety of levels of support that’s my main purchase.

When they go on sale I stock up. Most items of the C9 brand are under $30.

Old Navy:

I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of capris and tanks from Old Navy. Their most expensive item is around $35 and when they have a sale you can get stuff for seriously cheap!

Sometimes it’s hit or miss though… they’ve either got really cute stuff of not so cute stuff. It just depends on the day, I guess.


I saved the best for last… My absolute FAVORITE place to purchase workout clothes! You get top and bottom and sometimes a sports bra… all for just $50!

I love how easy it is to skip a month on their site too, just the click of a button and you skip a month and are free of worry! It took me a second to get my sizing right, but I love all the items I’ve purchased so far!

Friends don’t keep secrets when it comes to good deals, so tell me where YOU find your best deals on workout clothes?

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  1. Very informative! I love the info provided by you. Shopping for workout clothes is my favorite thing. I will definitely keep in mind these stores for my next shopping. Thanks for sharing.

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