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Closet Update & Refresh

There is nothing better than a clean and organized closet but it definitely takes some work every once in a while to get it that way. I am usually great about keeping the hanging clothing organized (re: operation organization) but…

Closet Update & Refresh -

There is nothing better than a clean and organized closet but it definitely takes some work every once in a while to get it that way. I am usually great about keeping the hanging clothing organized (re: operation organization) but not so great about all the other stuff that is in there or makes its way in there over the years.

We actually have 3 closets in our master bedroom, 2 regular closets with bi-fold doors on the outside and then 1 (kind of) walk in closet. When we moved in I thought that many closets was unnecessary… boy was I wrong! What was I thinking?!? Haha

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh Before
Walk-in Closet Before

As soon as we moved in the closets were basically full. It also didn’t help that they were badly planned with the shelf placement. Immediately I moved the top shelf in my husband’s bi-fold closet higher and added a second rack underneath to accommodate all his dress shirts on top and slacks on the bottom.

In the second bi-fold closet, I just moved the shelf higher to accommodate all my long dresses and husband’s suits with room on the bottom for the laundry basket and other random stuff that we had. Then I put all my heels in clear boxes, thinking I would be able to see them and therefore wear them more often, and stacked them on top of the shelf.

This worked for a while.

Closet 2 Update &Amp; Refresh Before
Bi-Fold Closet Before

The walk in closet is long and narrow and the builder of the house thought it was a good idea to put two shelves about waist high on the long walls of the closet and then another ridiculously high on the short wall. This might’ve been the worst decision ever.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh Before
Walk-In Closet Before

Immediately I moved the longest shelf higher to make room on the bottom for my boot boxes, another laundry basket, and whatever else I needed to throw underneath the clothes. The other two shelves remained where they were.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh Before
Walk-In Closet Before

Well, after filling the closet with pants and tops, I realized that I could not get in between the two shelves to see what I had to wear – I couldn’t actually walk into my walk-in closet. But I lived with this setup for 4 years.

I did, about 2 years ago add a wall-hung jewelry case that I absolutely love but that was about the extent of my organization until just recently.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Wall Hung Jewelry Case

Just about a week ago I got the motivation to finally fix the walk in closet I hated so much. Things had piled up on the shelves, for no reason, and I was just tired of not being able to get through to see what I had. So I pulled everything out of the closet and went to work.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh Before
Walk-In Closet Emptied

I didn’t do a whole lot but it made such a huge difference!

I knew that to make the closet function like I wanted, I needed to remove the shelves that were parallel to each other so I could have room to actually walk in (wow, what a novel concept for a walk in closet).

After cleaning everything out and formulating a game plan, I ran to Lowe’s and picked up this corner shelf bracket.

I came home and removed the shelf on the shorter, right side wall. Then I cut the long shelf down to accommodate the new corner and cut the short shelf I just took down to fit on the back wall. Then I re-attached everything to the walls again with brackets and supports. Boom, done.

When putting everything back into the closet, I did a little clean-out and got rid of some things and just reorganized others. Some of the stuff that was just thrown in there was actually slated to go to Salvation Army already so I finally took it.

Even though it may look like I lost a bunch of hanging space, I really didn’t – I only ended up losing about 12 inches of hanging space but I gained so much more functionality.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Walk-In Closet After

I reorganized my hanging baskets with my scarfs and one extra on top (not pictured) for all my sports bras and bralettes. It just made sense to have them there instead of in a drawer because I hang my workout clothes in pairs right next to it – so now I can grab my sports bra and my workout outfit all in the same spot and be ready to go.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Hanging Baskets

I put all the hanging clothes back in my closet, hanging backwards, to help sort through what I end up wearing this year and then I donate what I haven’t worn at the beginning of next year. I use these hangers for my delicate tops and sweaters and these hangers for my crop pants.

Also, since I have such a plethora of pant sizes from all the babies I’ve had (hopefully this year I can finally get back down to my original pre-babies size) then I use these dividers and label them so I know what will fit and what won’t without having to play the guessing game.

I also use those circles to separate and label my kids clothes so I know which clothes fit which kid… haha

I took a couple clear shoe boxes and used those for the random crap that ended up on the top shelf. I also took all my t-shirts off hangers (I don’t know why they were hung in the first place) and folded them for on top of the shelf. The rest of the stuff you see on the top shelf there is all my current maternity clothes – which will be going to a friend as soon as I have this baby and can fit into my regular clothes again.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Walk-In Closet After

I decided to leave the super high shelf on the short wall because I used that to hang my purses on and it worked well. Originally I had them on actual hangers (which you can see in the previous photographs) but I took to Amazon and ordered some S hooks to use instead.

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Purse Hangers

I put the baskets back on the bottom with my sneakers and flip flops and instead of putting all the boot boxes back, I took them out of the boxes and used these boot shapers to hold them up and together and lined them up by color underneath the clothes. Now I can see what boots I have!

Closet Update &Amp; Refresh After
Boots and Boot Shapers

This is how the closet should have been designed in the first place. I jokingly told my husband that builders shouldn’t be allowed to design closets and they should consult their wives instead… haha!

After completing my walk-in closet and finally being able to walk in and see everything, I realized that I never wore any of the heels I had because I couldn’t see them in those clear boxes I used on the top shelf. It was too much work for me to take down the box to see exactly what I had and would usually end up just putting on flip flops instead.

I had previously tried to find a shoe rack that would work but most are too short between the shelves for most women’s high heels and of course didn’t work.

I scoured amazon one night and finally found a shelf that I thought would do a good job and I ordered two. I had been through this before but always ended up returning them because of shelf distance. This one looked more promising because they listed the shelf distance at just about 8 inches and I knew that would work!

Closet 2 Update &Amp; Refresh During
Bi-Fold Closet Progress

I anxiously put one part-way together and tested with my highest pair of heels and success! I quickly finished assembling them and then stacked them on top of each other. Then I put it in the closet and took all my shoes out of their clear boxes and onto the new shelf.

Closet 2 Update &Amp; Refresh
Bi-Fold Closet Finished!

It’s so beautiful. Now I can see all the shoes I have! And I totally realized that I have a lot of brown and camel colored shoes… haha! Good thing I have room on the shelves for a few more pair, since it doesn’t seem like I have a good pair of black heeled sandals (which I’m lusting over these so bad, I think I might just order them).

So there’s my very long winded (sorry!) recap of my closet update and refresh.

Do you have any tips or tricks that are great for keeping your closet organized? I’d love to hear them!

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