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Apple Pickin’

It's honey crisp apple season! My absolute favorite type of apple! I went to the store to try and pick some up and they were $3.99 a pound! Seriously?!? So...…

Apple Pickin -

It’s honey crisp apple season! My absolute favorite type of apple!

I went to the store to try and pick some up and they were $3.99 a pound! Seriously?!?

Apple Pickin'

So… since I live in Michigan now, I decided to look up a place to go and pick my own. Plus, I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my family since my parents are in town for my daughters birthday that was a week ago.

I went online and found this cute little place called Jollay Orchards. I called them to inquire about their apple pickin’ prices and honey crisp apples were only $.99 a pound. Uh.. yeah!

So we all piled in the car and drove over to the orchard. It ended up only being about 20 minutes away which made it even better.

When we got there, we noticed that there was a little barn where you could buy all kinds of homemade goodies… jam, apple cider, donuts, salsas, etc. There was also a little play area for the kids that had a couple jungle gyms, swing sets, and ferris wheel. Like a mini-fair! They also had a hay ride, haunted house, and corn maze.

After walking around for a little while, my mom and I decided to go do the apple pickin’ and my dad  took my daughter to the mini-fair, haunted house, and corn maze. For some reason, Alyssa didn’t want to pick apples… lame.

My mom and I started in the peach orchard. Apparently it was also peach season so we got to pick some nice juicy peaches to go with the apples.

Apple Pickin'

After we got a bushel of peaches, we wandered down to the honey crisp apple section.

I’ve never been in an apple orchard before so to see all the different types of trees and apples that they had was amazing.

Apple Pickin'

It felt like it just went on and on for miles. And it probably did… but we were there for honey crisp apples.

Apple Pickin'

Mmmmm…. so yummy and juicy!

My mom and I ended up picking a whole bushel each!

Apple Pickin'

We also ended up eating a couple while we were out in the orchard. I couldn’t help it.. they are just so delicious!

Apple Pickin'

So… after all the apple pickin’ and then rounding up my dad and Alyssa we headed home. We had such a fun day. And yesterday morning we made some apple pancakes with the fresh apples. I also plan on making an apple pie and a few other apple goodies this week.

What is your favorite apple?

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