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60 Days of P90X

WOW it's been 60 days already! I know... I'm REALLY late writing this blog, but oh well... here goes! Just a couple days ago was my 60 day mark of P90X. I cannot believe that it has been 60 days…

WOW it's been 60 days already!

WOW it’s been 60 days already!

I know… I’m REALLY late writing this blog, but oh well… here goes!

Just a couple days ago was my 60 day mark of P90X. I cannot believe that it has been 60 days already. It really does feel like just yesterday I started on this AMAZING journey!

60 Days Of P90X

It hasn’t been easy… let me tell you. I had many of days where I struggled to just push play, but I did and (of course) feel better because I did. When I first started the program it was REALLLLLLY hard for me to just even finish the workout all the way through. I would have to stop for a “break” before they would and would – sometimes – be hesitant to push play again and finish, that’s how tired I was. In the beginning, I honestly didn’t do the workout all the way through. I would make it about 1/2 – 3/4 of the way before I just felt like I could NOT finish. I was lying on the ground in a puddle of my own sweat! My brain was telling me “GET UP!! You HAVE to finish” but my body was saying “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

It continued like that for about 30 days and I progressively saw that my muscles were getting leaner, my cardio conditioning was improving, and my overall health was getting better. I began pushing myself even harder – if my body said “NO” I would keep going. Now, on day 60 I can make it through the ENTIRE workout and sometimes even the “bonus” at the end. I have had to switch Ab Ripper X up for BBL Tummy Tuck sometimes. Ab Ripper used to make me sore and burn while I was doing to workout… now I don’t feel anything. I think my body has gotten used to the different exercises, so I decided to change it up. BBL Tummy Tuck has now taken Ab Ripper’s place once a week and I DEFINITELY think it’s doing its job!!

Since I have been working out, I started drinking Shakeology and have seen DRASTIC changes in my eating habits. I used to just eat whatever and whenever I wanted. When I did P90X at the beginning of this year, that was my downfall. I was consuming more calories than I was burning and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to. Shakeology has definitely helped me change the way I eat – and even think about eating. Before… I would either skip breakfast (which is HORRIBLE) or I would grab McDonald’s on the way to work (even worse).

I signed up to be a coach when I moved to SC and I got Shakeology on Home Direct. I started drinking it EVERY morning for breakfast since, for me that was the hardest meal of the day. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to just mix up the shake in the morning and drink it, AND I was getting better nutrition in my body at THAT moment than I would ALL day. Since I was already starting the day off very healthy, it was a lot easier to continue eating healthier throughout the day. I began shopping for more fruits and veggies instead of chips and junk. Now, instead of craving some chips or cookies, I crave fruits – pineapple, apples, peaches, etc. This eating healthy thing has really grown on me… haha

Today is only day 60, I still have 30 more days to go with P90X. Then, after P90X who knows what Beachbody program I’m going to do next. I think I’m going to commit myself 100% to BBL for 8 weeks after P90X is over. I have been adding the workouts in here and there with P90X but I really want to see what it does if I use it alone! I have been bitten by the “fitness and nutrition” bug and don’t plan on ever going back to the way things were before. I will see you on day 90 with my final P90X update!!

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